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" Can I Finish My Software Project As Planned ? "

Project's Pervasive ( Problematic ?) Percentages

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Pervasive Percentages of Software Project Management

This article was written in 1995.

Please note that even though some of the percentages have obviously , many still hold good.

More important than the percentages are the questions raised and some of the possible answers to those, especially within a global distributed colloborative software development scenario.

At some point or time or the other, every software Project Manager gets sandwiched between changing business and IT requirements on one hand and a flux of rapid technology and project manpower changes on the other.

How can one try to complete a software project on time and on cost ?

Based on our experiences in software project management, we have devised the following percentages for a software project.

The challenging issues for software project management against each of these have been highlighted.

They would need to be addressed to be successful. These are as follows :

Down Arrow Pervasive Percentages

Gray Arrow 10 % Gray Arrow 20 % Gray Arrow 30 % Gray Arrow 40 % Gray Arrow 50 % Gray Arrow 60 % Gray Arrow 70 % Gray Arrow 80 % Gray Arrow 90 % Gray Arrow 100 %

Gray Arrow 10 % is the Probability of Defects Remaining in the Software.

Down Arrow How to address the Challenge of Software Quality ?

Gray Arrow Some perspectives on Software Quality...

Gray Arrow 20 % Of Work Takes 80% Time and Costs to complete.

How to ensure that Systems get FINALLY completed ?

Gray Arrow 30 % is the Average Software Manpower Attribution Rate Per Annum.

Down Arrow How to design People-Independent Software Systems ?

Gray Arrow Follow a Software Process...

Gray Arrow 40 % per Annum would be the Expected Increase in Software Professional Manpower Costs over the next few years.

How to increase Software Professional's Productivity ?

Gray Arrow 50 % is the Probability of a Software Project being implemented successfully as per original specified requirements.

Down Arrow How to minimize software project risks and ensure Successful Implementation of Systems ?

Gray Arrow Some thoughts on Kaytek experiences on reducing Software Project risks...

Gray Arrow 60 % is the Probability of Cost / Time Overruns in any Software Project.

How to minimize Software Estimation Errors ?

Welcome all Feedback, Suggestions, Viewpoints at kaytek (at) vsnl (dot) com.

Gray Arrow 70 % Software Project Completion Milestone is the time when New Requirements start creeping in from the customer.

Down Arrow How to design Flexible Systems to handle requirement changes ?

Gray Arrow Our Vision for Flexible Information Systems...

Gray Arrow 80 % are the chances that the Hardware / Software version being used is obsolete by the time the project is completed.

How to handle Computing Technology Obsolescence ?

Gray Arrow 90 % is the probability of Murphy's Law working at Critical Periods.

How Can our software brains tackle Murphy's law ?

Gray Arrow 100 % Probability that some of the above percentages would work for every software project.

Down Arrow How to ensure successful learning from every project to reduce this in the long run ?

Gray Arrow Creating A Generic Software Knowledge Repository...

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