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Software is an extremely crucial component of most of the modern technological machines and devices today.

Ranging from the latest automobiles to miniature mobile devices, it is the quality of the embedded software that determines their utility.

The global software industry is very youung and not as mature in it's development practices as the manufacturing industry.

Hence, it is very rare to find software development practices that are mature in terms of their quality and scalability.

A process oriented software design and development approach can save a lot of money not only during the initial software build stage but more importantly during the lifecyle of the usage of the software technology.

This is an important area in which there are research investments of large dollar sums worldwide.

Software processes have to be agile as well as rugged. Also, the nature of software development has been evolving rapidly for the last few years. Open Source, Flat World Connected Collaborative Software Development Environments will be the norm as we go ahead.

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The concept is to maximize software reuse across projects and minimize marginal software expenditures between projects. This would happen both via reduced development times and reduced software defect rates.

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