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1st - 30th November 2005

Down Arrow Owners & Entrepreneurs

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Why Indian Entrepreneurs need Professional Mentoring and Consulting.

(Posted On 30th November 2005).

Down Arrow The China Challenge

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Why the Software Industry should teach Project Management Skills...

(Posted On 15th November 2005).

Gray Arrow Consulting / Marketing Pages Updated !

(Posted On 8th/9th November 2005.

Down Arrow Knowledge Section

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Knowledge is Wealth - India's Diwali Message.

(Posted on 2nd November 2005)

Down Arrow Software

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Future of Software - Follow the Entertainment Industry ?

(Posted On 5th November 2005).

Down Arrow Software - ERP

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Microsoft's 3-4-5 Strategy to ride the waves of the rough changing 'Technology Seas' ?

(Posted On 17th November 2005).

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - When will Indian sweepers use ERP powered, Mobile Delivered solutions effectively ?

(Posted On 2nd November 2005).

Down Arrow IT Careers / Education

Gray Arrow ERP/SAP Careers Updated !

(Posted On 24th/26th November 2005 respectively).

New ! Gray Arrow KTEK-GROW! Opportunity - Posting 27
English To Hindi & Marathi Translator required !

(Posted On 22nd November 2005).

Down Arrow Software - Learnings

Gray Arrow Kaytek Generic Approach - Independent of Technology, Function and Business.

(Updated On 1st November 2005).

Gray Arrow Archives - 2005

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