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New ! Gray Arrow The 3 Logical Software Layers. (5th August 2005).

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New ! Gray Arrow Brief Checklist of Technical Factors for ERP selection. (29th August 2005).

New ! Gray Arrow ERP - Weblog - Is Industry-Specific Knowledge a Must for ERP Solutions ? (16th August 2005).

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New ! Gray Arrow Critical Tax Payment & Return Dates in Maharashtra ! (26th August 2005).

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Gray Arrow Overall - Weblog - The New Meaning of 'Inc' for US Companies ? (18th August 2005).

Gray Arrow Pages Updated - Offshoring - Potential Positives (17th August 2005). Pitfalls (16th August 2005) Overall (10th August 2005).

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Gray Arrow Overall - Weblog - India FDI in Retail - Should we emulate China ? (5th August 2005).