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Down Arrow Oracle & CRO's - Clinical Research Organizations

Gray Arrow Oracle (Clinical) is a major dominant player in the global CRO - Clinical Research Organization industry.

Since there is a very high level of regulatory compliance required by this industry as well as increased business risks (e.g. higher costs of drug discoveries, shortened market window opportunities,etc), CRO organizations would need to continuously focus on increasing ROI from their IT investments.

The potential for higher Technology usage remains e.g. as per an Oracle 2007 publication - Data Management in Pharmaceutical R & D, even today EDC (Electronic Data Capture) is used in only 35 % of clinical trials. 65 % still use paper based systems for trial data capture. More...

Gray Arrow Oracle has signalled the Death of ERP Software License Fees in India having finally taken the plunge into Subscription Based Hosted ERP Services. This move is in line with the global fundamental shift in the software & services marketplace.

Updated ! Gray Arrow Brief Note on Oracle's ERP strategy.

Gray Arrow Oracle in India - Is SAP sapping out the Competition ?

Gray Arrow Oracle's Takeover of I-Flex in Mahesh Khatri's Weblog.

Gray Arrow Is Oracle causing Software Acronyms to become Disappearing Dinosaurs ?

Down Arrow Materials (Product) Related

Gray Arrow Brief Overview of Kaytek Developed Web Purchase & Sales Ordering & Invoicing Software (Beta) Based On Oracle Application Express (APEX) Web Development Tool & Oracle RDBMS.

Down Arrow Likely response times for a large ORACLE FORMS application with thousands of users.

ORACLE has claimed 16,000 + concurrent users with an average response time of 1.01 seconds for a large FORMS application. Many times, it is advisable to treat vendor claims with a pinch of salt.

Customers will have to do their own benchmarking with a typical application mix, usage profile and proposed hardware configuration in terms of make, configuration and number of Oracle Application Servers.

Down Arrow Men & Women (Careers) Related - Overall ERP Careers.

Down Arrow What are the requisites for a Career in Oracle's Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solution ?

Besides the depth of one's Oracle's PO (Purchase Order) and iProc Expertise and the number of Oracle implementations completed, in addition ; a person also needs to learn INV, (Invoicing) OM (Order Management) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) modules.

Also, one must try and get specific Supply Chain Experience. This link detailing Oracle's supply chain management solutions may also help.

Down Arrow What are the different modules in Oracle's ERP Manufacturing Applications ?

This link describes Oracle's manufacturing applications and would help decide in selection of a module, based on one's specific manufacturing industry background.

Down Arrow With Banking Experience, should one move to Oracle or Peoplesoft Financials ?

Oracle has acquired both Peoplesoft as well as i-flex, a specialised Enterprise solution for the Banking industry.

Oracle Financials is a stronger solution than Peoplesoft's in the finance area.

Down Arrow Men & Women (Careers) Related (cont)

Our suggestion would be to look either at Oracle Financials or maybe even i-flex for that matter, considering the banking experience.

Down Arrow How does one shift to an Oracle career after working in C++ ?

Certification may be a necessary, but not a sufficient condition to get a break in Oracle.

Just google for 'Oracle Certification Program' and follow the first link and the subsequent pages thereafter.

Bill Gates has been quoted as saying that if you can understand C++, you should not have a problem learning any technology.

With a C++ background, a person should not have much of a problem learning basic, advanced database concepts and SQL commands, most essential for the foundation of an ORACLE Technical Career.

Down Arrow With a US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) credentials, should one move to Oracle Financials ?

Yes. You can build on your CPA qualifications to a possible career in Oracle Financials Functional Consulting.

Gray Arrow Related - SAP Related Accounting Careers.

Down Arrow Can we help you with our Oracle ERP Consulting Services ? We Work either on an Assignment-Based or Long-Term Retainership Basis. Kindly let us know.


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