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Gray Arrow For valuation services of brands belonging to your organization, we follow a brand valuation methodology as per the following details:

Gray Arrow Overview - The base foundation for the valuation would be the ISO 10668 International standard titled 'Brand valuation - Requirements for monetary brand valuation' as suitably tailored to your requirements. This would be suitably enhanced by

(1) Detailing of the ISO 10668 model with Kaytek proprietary work, and

(2) Contemporary Brand valuation strategies based on models prepared by global valuation experts

Gray Arrow Valuation Approaches & Methods - A Mix of approaches - 'Income Approach' & 'Cost Approach' to be followed. The specific methods to be followed in the Income Approach above will be detailed later. Both these approaches will need necessary valuation input data which would be past, current & predicted market financial expenses & metrics needed across all different stakeholder & all different Product segments.

Gray Arrow Brand Attributes - Study of your main brands & sub brands in terms of the following attributes: Scarcity, Contemporariness, Association, Relevance, Communications, Excitement & Availability to be done for the different customer and market segments.

Gray Arrow Brand Building Event Activity Expenses - Financial & Impact Metrics Data as regards the various Brand building communication activities done to be collected including but not limited to Advertising (Online - Web, Social & Traditional Offline Media) , Awareness programs, Expositions, Exhibitions, Fairs, Roadshows, Training programs, Seminars, Workshops for the past few years.

Gray Arrow Brand Building Collateral Production Expenses - Financial & Metrics Data for the different Brand related collateral material production expenses incurred for brand communications on all media such as arches, artwork , audio / video / image content in backdrop, brochures, calendars, carry bags, complementary pass, counter signboards, danglers, fascia, folders, hoardings, handbills, invitation cards, id card, letterheads, newspaper inserts, publication, posters, streamers, stickers, tickets, visiting cards, etc. to be studied.

Down Arrow Consumer Behavioural Aspects - The following aspects to be studied in detail for the immediate past and for future projected periods as may be relevant for both the 'Income Approach' & 'Cost Approach' valuation methods:

Gray Arrow Consumer segment identification for the different product segments

Gray Arrow Consumer behaviour (pre-sales, sales & post-sales) & degree of brand loyalty

Gray Arrow Branded Product Pricing as compared to generic non-branded alternatives

Gray Arrow Impact of the Brand on Product Pricing

Gray Arrow Losses incurred by consumers due to fake products being passed off as branded products

Gray Arrow Competitive activity research from trade / web sources

Gray Arrow Social impact of Branding on the wider manufacturing and trading eco-system

Gray Arrow Brand linkages to other intangibles like knowledge capital, relationship capital amongst the Stakeholders

Gray Arrow A proposed strategy for long term brand valuation resilience in an overall volatile world

Gray Arrow Brand Legal Aspects - Both in domestic & key export markets amongst others to be studied.

Gray Arrow Contemporary Brand Valuation Strategies - Suggestions of appropriate emotional connect stories & identification of eco-system 'Growth Assets' (based on globally renowned valuation expert that can help in the preparation of a more accurate brand valuation.

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Gray Arrow Kaytek Proprietary Model - Good Brand Name Characteristics.

Gray Arrow Brand Name Selection Assistance from Multiple Names.

Gray Arrow Brand Positioning Strategy.

Gray Arrow Understanding, Articulating Brand Attributes

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