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Down Arrow Information Systems in An Organization

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Integrated Technology / Business Consulting Insights

Information Systems are pervasive, foundational and strategic. They are about the Organization's M-Assets :

Gray Arrow Men (And Women) Square Separator Methods Square Separator Money Square Separator Markets Square Separator Materials Square Separator Mortar-Brick Square Separator Machines Square Separator Messages Square Separator

Gray Arrow Information Systems Perspectives Simplified...

Gray Arrow Perpectives On Generic Software & Information Systems Independent of Technology, Function and Business Vertical / Business Domain.

Gray Arrow Importance Of Enterprise Architecture (EA) (5th April 2009).

Organisation's Current State of Computerisation / Automation - Overview.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Director's Article on ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library published by Microsoft.

Down Arrow Kaytek can provide outsourced CIO / CTO services to your organization on your current / proposed IT environment and operations. The following areas will be covered by us :

Down Arrow Information Technology (IT) Hardware, Software, Network Infrastructure :

Gray Arrow Overview of IT Environment Square Separator Information Technology Matrix Square Separator Security Levels Square Separator Operational Issue Types Square Separator IT Physical / Logical Resources Square Separator

Down Arrow Enterprise Operations

Gray Arrow Material Flows Square Separator Information Flows Gray Arrow Generic, Time Based (Previous, Current, Future) Square Separator Business Processes.

Down Arrow Application Integration

Gray Arrow Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) - Internet & Non-Internet Based Types

Down Arrow Mapping Customer Specific Information Systems to Kaytek Proprietary Templates in the following areas :

Gray Arrow Enterprise Level Models

Down Arrow Information Framework
Gray Arrow Entity Types

Down Arrow Types Based on Time
Gray Arrow Current Square Separator Future

Down Arrow Technologies
Gray Arrow Current Square Separator Proposed Square Separator Available

Gray Arrow Information Attributes Types

Gray Arrow Document Types

Down Arrow Application Software

Gray Arrow Estimates of Current and Future Business Volumes Square Separator Hardware, Software Application Computing Resource Requirements Square Separator IT Hardware & Software Assets Obsolescence Analysis

Down Arrow People's Software Usage Analysis

Gray Arrow Software Knowledge Levels Assessment Square Separator Work / Organisational Hierarchy Level

Gray Arrow Kaytek has designed several proprietary business & technology templates, frameworks that can help your organization achieve it's business goals with IT. Kindly email us for more details.

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