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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

Why should I Buy From Kaytek ?

Our IT Solutions - Benefits

Down Arrow Helping Customers Maximize ROI

Every Customer wishes to maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) from his IT Purchases as soon as possible.

Our customers get dual benefits out of their purchase of IT products from us.

Both from Kaytek as well as our vendors.

Whenever a customer purchases an IT Product from us, besides the IT Vendor's Product and Support Features which are available to all their customers, the customer also gets the benefit of Kaytek Support Services.

These are personally co-ordinated by our Directors on a real time daily operational basis.

This ensures satisfaction of customer requirements without any dilution of their concerns.

Kaytek is one of the few organizations striving for standard uniform service offerings and deliverables between our overseas and Indian customers.

Customer Twin Benefits via IT Vendor and Kaytek Down Arrow KTEK-CARE Hardware Support Services

Even though our offices are currently only in Mumbai only, we have various informally structured alliances with other like-minded service-oriented ethical entrepreneurial IT professionals and companies within and outside Mumbai.

This ensures that our customer's future national support requirements could be possibly catered by us co-ordinating the same on their behalf on an all-India basis.

Down Arrow Additional Support Services such as

Gray Arrow Single-Point IT-Vendor Co-ordination and Support such as Call Logging, Call Forwarding, Telephonic Support, Hardware and Systems Integration, etc.

Gray Arrow The IT Industry is in a state of constant flux with new technologies and vendors. Some of our corporate customers have appreciated our Independent Role in helping them deal with multiple vendors for their Ongoing IT Projects irrespective of Hardware Supplies by us.

Gray Arrow Our Software experiences in the areas of ERP, Web, Generic Information Systems are useful in enhancing the efforts of our Customer's Internal IT Resources.

Kaytek can also offer Independent Software Project Co-ordination / Management, Analysis, Design Services to our customer's IT Efforts.

Down Arrow In addition, we also have two exclusive Website Based Services only for our customers :

Gray Arrow KTEK-GROW - Post your IT Manpower Requirements !

Gray Arrow IT- ASAP - List your IT Assets - Sale And Purchase Requirements ( As Soon As Possible ) !!
Gray Arrow Kindly contact us appropriately.

Down Arrow Our Advantages ...

Gray Arrow Good Deals !!

Gray Arrow No Haggle Fixed Prices !!

Gray Arrow Right Sized Configurations !!

Gray Arrow Reliable Quality !!

Gray Arrow Transparent Dealings !!

Gray Arrow Long Term Support !!

Gray Arrow Personalised Services !!

Gray Arrow Unbiased Advice !!

Gray Arrow Consulting Insights !!

Gray Arrow Technocrat Promoters !!

Gray Arrow 2 Decades Plus IT Industry Track Record !!

Gray Arrow Time-Tested Trusted Authorised Alliances with Global IT Giants !!

Down Arrow Global Professional Accolades

Our Thought Leadership & Work has been acknowledged globally.

We are also the proud recipient of High Customer Satisfaction Awards from IT Principal Vendors in India.


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