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Gray Arrow Cloud Computing Is A Game Changer.

Gray Arrow Public or Private Clouds ?

Gray Arrow Cloud Computing is poised to change Enterprise Computing forever. It's economics are attractive, yet it takes expertise to realize cloud benefits. We are pleased to offer cloud consulting solutions & advisory services for our esteemed customers. Kindly fill in the form below for a free no-obligation enquiry & e-consultation.

Down Arrow Kaytek is designing and developing applications on various Cloud Computing platforms as shown below :

Gray Arrow Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) - Amazon AWS

Gray Arrow Software As A Service (SAAS) - Salesforce &

Gray Arrow Platform As A Service (PAAS) offered by Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Oracle Application Express (APEX) , Salesforce, Force.com & Wavemaker Platforms.

We are striving to actively follow Key Cloud Technologies and Trends via Online Research, Webcasts, Videos and Seminars.

We have also discussed Cloud Computing Trends & collaboration opportunities with Senior IT Industry leaders & respected Institutional Heads via global tele-conferences & seminars.

Down Arrow Cloud Computing Consulting Solutions / Services

Based on our ongoing experiences, we can provide you with cost effective Cloud Computing consulting solutions and services. Kindly email us your query using the form on the page.

Gray Arrow Cloud Training & Mentoring

Down Arrow Prospective Cloud Training Applicants

Gray Arrow Kaytek offers Mentoring & Training Services on Cloud Computing based on our current work experiences both for technical & and non-technical business people in the following areas :

Gray Arrow Cloud Computing Basics

Gray Arrow Amazon Web Services (AWS) Overview

Gray Arrow Moving From Lotus Notes To Salesforce PAAS Force.com Platform.

Gray Arrow Complete Overview of Setting Up A Global E-Commerce Store For Retail Products Using Contemporary PAAS Platform - Complete Concept Design, Branding, Marketing, Technology, Website Design, Development & Operations.

Gray Arrow Overview of business & technology factors to Consider while moving Microsoft .NET Applications & websites to Microsoft Windows Azure Platform.

Gray Arrow Overview of PAAS (Platform As A Service) Cloud Offerings - SalesForce (SAAS) & Force (PAAS), Vmware Wavemaker, Oracle Application Express, Google App Engine , Oracle Cloud Java Service - 3 hour session

For a batch size of upto 5 people, we offer Saturday classroom training / hands on sessions at our Andheri East offices.

Kindly note that all participant resumes / experiences will need to be studied before they can enroll for the course to determine their suitability for the same.

In case you are interested in personal one to one mentoring sessions on specific technologies, kindly let us know. The same can be organized.

Further Course details, proposed schedules and fees can be provided on request.

As Cloud Computing is a vast area covering multiple IT Domains (Cloud Services Usage, Cloud Based IT Operations & Cloud Based Software Development), kindly provide us details of your IT background & professional work resume for us to analyse the same and suggest suitable courses.
Gray Arrow Email : Mahesh Khatri's Email address - kaytek (at) vsnl (dot) com

You can also use the Enquiry Form below for a preliminary enquiry.

Gray Arrow Check Out Our Customer Feedback.

Gray Arrow Cloud Basics For IT Engineers

Cloud Computing training session contents for engineers and office staff (IT Systems Administration Background):

Gray Arrow Four Key Parameters of Hardware

Gray Arrow Four Software Layers Inside a Computer System

Gray Arrow Examples of Technology Instances within the software layers

Gray Arrow Pain Areas For Customers Using Information Technology

Gray Arrow Hardware Pain Area Details

Gray Arrow Software Pain Area Details

Gray Arrow Data Management Pain Area Details

Gray Arrow Four Business Drivers of Cloud Computing & their impact on IT with examples of technology instances

Gray Arrow Cloud Computing - Various Definitions

Gray Arrow Overview Of Major Cloud Computing Vendors / Players & Service Types

Gray Arrow Four Features of Cloud Computing Services

Gray Arrow Impact of Cloud Computing on IT Industry

Gray Arrow Your Strategy for Cloud Computing

Gray Arrow Brief Demonstration of Kaytek Customer Invoice Tracking & Follow-Up Application developed on Google App Engine

Gray Arrow Questions & Answers, Participant Feedback, Evaluation & Course & Participant Effectiveness Review

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Gray Arrow Cloud Integration Services

Gray Arrow Cloud Integration would be one of the most signficant challenges facing organizations in the near future.

Although the cloud has transformed the IT capital expenditure to operating expenses, it does introduce additional layers of complexity for applications and data integration.

Organizations will need to integrate data between cloud and on-premise applications so as to understand the same on a holistic basis.

e.g. An E-Commerce website will need to integrate data on a real time basis from different cloud based web services in different functional areas such as payment gateway providers, order fulfillment agencies and customer service interactions.

This would be essential to provide an integrated 360 Degree view of the customer transactions and relationship metrics on an end to end basis.

In addition to integration complexities, the cloud also introduces billing complexities, especially for organizations that need to track usage of various cloud services by their users in different departments, cost centres and locations.

Kaytek can help you build such integrated solutions that can help your internal applications tak to and exchange data with cloud based applications. ( 4th August 2012)

Gray Arrow Customer Feedback

Down Arrow What Do You Need from The Cloud ? - IT Purchasers, Developers & Engineers Have Different Needs.
IT Purchasers, IT Developers & IT Engineers Have Different Needs From The Cloud. IT Systems Professionals and Engineers Need To Manage An On-Call IT Infrastructure
Extending Beyond The Enterprise and Respond To Fast Changing Business Needs For Scalability. Software Developers Need To 
Re-Architect My Software Applications For The Cloud and Learn New Cloud Technologies & Paradigms. IT Buyers Need To Conserve Cash & Save More On IT Rupees / Dollars. They Need To Focus On Their Business and Treat IT As A Pay To Go Resource.

Gray Arrow Cloud Technologies

Gray Arrow Cloud Computing For Startups

Gray Arrow Question - We are a Web Startup Using Mysql & PHP. How can Cloud Computing Help Us ?

Down Arrow Answer - In traditional non-cloud computing, you need to estimate the size of demand for your web resources (e.g. web servers, database servers, etc) and INVEST IN ADVANCE on booking capacity on the same regardless of whether the resources get used or not.

If you overshoot, (plan for more, but actually use less) you have lost money as your extra resources sit idle.

If you undershoot, (plan for less, but suddenly need more), then you would probably face user dissatisfaction as your web offerings would experience time delays.

Cloud computing helps you overcome these problems by converting earlier IT Infrastructure Fixed Costs to Pay-By-The-Unit Variable Costs for storage, bandwidth & memory.

With cloud computing, all your hardware (storage, bandwidth & memory) resources can be created instantaneously (say within 5-10 minutes) based on demand consumption patterns that can change rapidly.

e.g. When your web startup receives a favourable review in any global trade publication and your website starts receiving many more visitors, you can on-the-fly generate additional web servers (loaded with your front end HTML & PHP code) and corresponding new database servers (with MYSQL instances) to handle the extra load so that your user experience does not suffer due to extra loads.

Similarly, if you anticipate lower demand during a particular period, (e.g. at night or on weekends), you can correspondingly reduce the number of computing resources on-the-fly literally within minutes.

This can be an entirely automated process (think of a programmable data center).

In short, Cloud Computing will help you scale your IT infrastructure upwards or downwards at variable minimal extra costs rapidly to adjust to changing demand.

You only need an internet connection and a credit card to get started.

The exact nature in which cloud computing can help you will decide on the nature of your web startup and what kind of services you offer currently and plan to do so in the future.

Gray Arrow Amazon Web Services - AWS

Amazon was the first global IT giant to allow outsiders to leverage their internal IT infrastructures for internet cloud based applications.

Gray Arrow Recently, for one an E-Commerce project for a US customer, Kaytek successfully set up an Amazon AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Server to process webhooks and receive real time web push notification data from multiple independent e-commerce (payment gateway, order placement & order dispatch) web services. ( 4th August 2012)

Gray Arrow Kaytek has implemented two Amazon Web Services (AWS) Offerings - S3 (Simple Storage Service) & SNS (Simple Notification Service) for our software projects in the areas of Employee Intranet & Financial Services.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Director was the first book prize winner at the Amazon AWS event in Mumbai in October 2010.

Gray Arrow Microsoft Windows Azure

Gray Arrow Interoperability In Microsoft Azure.

Gray Arrow Microsoft Tech Ed 2010 Top Architect Contest - Kaytek Director Mr. Mahesh Khatri once again selected as One Of Top Software Architects in India. ( 9th April 2010)

Gray Arrow Kaytek Director Mr. Mahesh Khatri is 1st runner-up winner at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2009 Top Software Architect Contest.

The solution involved Microsoft's Cloud Computing - Windows Azure OS & Services Platform. (16th May 2009)

Microsoft Cloud Computing Azure Platform went commercially live in 21 countries including India from 1st February 2010. (6th February 2010 )

Microsoft's Azure Software is a new Operating System for Cloud Computing.

It promises a completely new development environment for a cloud computing infrastructure running applications using Microsoft & other technologies.

At the Professional Developer's Conference PDC 2008 , Microsoft had initiated serious moves in the Cloud Computing World.

The release of their Windows Azure Operating System for the Cloud Platform as well as the Model Driven Development - Oslo Platform is in line with their earlier stated twin objectives of providing world class development tools to software vendors for both on-premise and hosted applications.

Application Software vendors now have an additional Cloud Computing platform in addition to the earlier launched Amazon Web Services and Google Application Engine Cloud Computing Initiatives.

Kaytek has attended Microsoft's Briefing Session for their partners on their Cloud Based Offerings - BPOS - Business Productivity Online Suite in Mumbai.

Since Microsoft already has a substantial presence in the Desktop Arena both for Application Development Tools and End User Office Productivity Software Solutions, they have a tremendous edge as compared to other vendors. Familarity of User Interfaces amongst End Users and Extension of Integrated Software Development Suite Knowledge amongst programmers will help overcome the leap from on premise to hosted solutions.

Microsoft is clearly a serious player in the cloud computing arena. (25th Nov 2008 )

Gray Arrow Moving from Microsoft .NET to Azure Cloud Platform

Gray Arrow Customer Question - We have several websites, one portal and few web applications in the group. All have different needs.

Gray Arrow We have a Microsoft exchange server and few other web servers hosted outside.

Gray Arrow All these severs are hosted in a US data center and are being managed by our own team remotely.

Gray Arrow All applications developed using Microsoft technology asp.net.

Our Disk Space is 100GB, Monthly BandWidth is 350-400 GB at current usage and SQL Database Size (including all databases)is currently 37 GB Occupied but we shall need 100 GB in the future.

We like to discuss the benefits,feasibility,maintenance queries of shifting to a cloud platform for our various websites and applications.

We also request for a telephonic consulsting session to understand the following :

Gray Arrow Various aspects of cloud services.

Gray Arrow How can we move our various servers and web application to the cloud.

Gray Arrow Advantages of having cloud as compared to normal hosting.

Gray Arrow Procurement of the best cloud services as per our technical requirements.

Gray Arrow Advantages and disadvantages of the cloud.

Down Arrow Answer - Whether the cloud would be beneficial to your websites & applications would depend on the following busness and technical factors :

Gray Arrow Current Volume of Traffic in terms of various metrics (page views, unique visitors, size of data processed, geographic spread of visitors, etc)

Gray Arrow Current Website Hosting Charges (Fixed and Variable)

Gray Arrow Current Website SLA (Service Level Agreements) Parameters

Gray Arrow Future Expected Annual Growth in terms of traffic metrics mentioned above

Gray Arrow Current Technical Architecture of your Microsoft .NET based websites / applications & future enhancements.

Based on a study of your data, we shall estimate monthly Microsoft Cloud (Azure) costs as per their current pricing based on your current workloads and estimated future workloads.

You will then meed to compare the minimum cloud costs at current pricing to your existing US hosting inrastructure monthly costs (without the Exchange Server Costs).

Kindly note the following important points :

Gray Arrow Currently Azure costs may seem quite high as compared to other competitive US hosting providers. As Microsoft Windows Azure technology matures, prices will come down.

Gray Arrow The costs are for USA/Europe, Asia costs may be higher. (Your different web properties may have a different geographic spread of visitors).

Gray Arrow Currently, Microsoft offers a SLA (Service Level Agreement) only if you deploy 2 reserved instances. The above pricing is for only 1 reserved instance. In case you want 2 reserved instances, it will cost more.

Gray Arrow Your ASP.NET applications architecture may have to be suitably modified for the Cloud for long term optimization.

I would suggest that ONLY IN CASE your current hosting costs are similar to the above or are higher AND your current web hosting quality / scalability is not as per your expectations , then you should look at cloud more in detail.

In that case, a detailed study be done independently for each of your different properties as their needs are different.

One long term advantage of moving to the cloud would be that your own team can save time on web hosting management and perhaps focus on other tasks. The same would have to be quantified as long term cost savings.

Another advantage of the cloud would be geographical distribution. e.g. in case your web properties visitors are not from the USA, then Microsoft offers you a choice of hosting your web properties in different global locations e.g. Singapore for Asia Pacific customers.

Gray Arrow Salesforce & Moving From Lotus Notes To Force.com

Gray Arrow Kaytek is developing an internal intranet custom application on Salesforce - Force.com - PAAS (Platform As a Service) - Cloud Computing platform.

Gray Arrow Kaytek recently completed a training program on moving From Lotus Notes To Salesforce PAAS Force.com Platform. Course Contents (122 slides) are provided below :

Down Arrow Course Title - Kaytek Cloud Computing - Lotus Notes To Force - Suggested Learning Path & Approach

Down Arrow Overview Of Presentation

Down Arrow Understanding Lotus Notes & Architecture Overview

Gray Arrow Lotus Notes & Lotus Domino & Components

Gray Arrow Visualizing A Lotus Notes Database

Gray Arrow Lotus Notes Database Key Points

Gray Arrow Forms, Views,@Functions, Agents, Scripts

Down Arrow Cloud Technologies

Gray Arrow 3 Types of Cloud Service Models

Gray Arrow IAAS, PAAS, SAAS Major Technologies

Down Arrow Lotus Notes To Force - Suggested 3 stage learning approach

Gray Arrow Stage 1 - Non-Cloud Specific To Generic

Gray Arrow Stage 2 - Non-Cloud Generic To Generic Cloud

Gray Arrow Stage 3 - Generic Cloud To Specific Cloud

Gray Arrow MVC - Model View Controller Architecture

Gray Arrow MVC Mapped To Kaytek Generic Software Logical Layers

Down Arrow Stage 1 - Non-Cloud Specific To Generic

Gray Arrow Lotus Notes Components Mapped To MVC

Gray Arrow Lotus Notes Related Technologies Mapped to MVC

Gray Arrow Lotus Notes Application Software Architecture

Down Arrow Stage 2 - Non-Cloud Generic To Generic Cloud

Gray Arrow Layered Software Design Architecture

Gray Arrow Essential Cloud Characteristics

Gray Arrow Cloud Computing Definitions

Gray Arrow Cloud Characteristics - MVC Cloud Application Design

Gray Arrow Cloud Service Models & Architecture Concerns Separation

Down Arrow Stage 3 - Generic Cloud To Specific Cloud

Gray Arrow Cloud MVC Design To Force Design

Gray Arrow Overview of Cloud Stacks

Gray Arrow SAAS - Salesforce Overview

Gray Arrow Salesforce - Sales / Product Objects

Gray Arrow PAAS - Force Overview & Components

Gray Arrow How Force Helps Software Developers

Gray Arrow Salesforce / Force Components - sObject,Visualforce,Apex

Gray Arrow Salesforce / Force Components Mapped to MVC

Gray Arrow Cloud Application Design & Architecture

Gray Arrow Links & Resources To Move Ahead

Gray Arrow Questions & Answers & Next Steps

Gray Arrow Google Apps / App Engine

Google has allowed outsiders to leverage their internal IT infrastructures for internet cloud based applications.

Down Arrow Google Apps / Google App Engine Experiences

Gray Arrow Implemented Google Apps (Google's Cloud Based Office Productivity Software) for Kaytek's Custom Domain & developed software using Google Apps Scripts. ( 3rd June 2010)

Gray Arrow Kaytek deploys a Customer Invoice Tracking & Follow-Up Application using Google's PAAS (Platform As A Service ) - Google App Engine - Cloud Solution.( 3rd June 2010)

Down Arrow Google Apps / App Engine Software Development / Consulting

Based on our experiences, Kaytek can provide Google Apps / App Engine Software Consulting & Development Services. Kindly email us your enquiry using the form on the page.

Gray Arrow Oracle Application Express

Down Arrow Oracle Apex Software Development / Consulting

Based on our experiences below, Kaytek can provide Oracle Apex Software Consulting & Development Services. Kindly email us your enquiry using the form on the page.

Gray Arrow For a Global Japanese Multinational Trading organization, Kaytek created a Cloud Based Purchase & Sales Ordering & Invoicing Software using Oracle Application Express (APEX) & RDBMS - Platform As A Service (PAAS) - Cloud Computing Model.

Gray Arrow For a leading US Sports Goods Retailer, Kaytek helped design and develop a Sales Ordering System prototype using Oracle Application Express (Apex).

Down Arrow Oracle Apex Training

Kaytek can provide individual as well as corporate group training on Oracle Apex (Application Express) at either your locations or our offices in Mumbai, Panvel & Pune. Kindly email us your enquiry using the form on the page.

Gray Arrow Vmware Wavemaker

Down Arrow Vmware Wavemaker (Java Based PAAS Platform) / Cloud Foundry Software

Gray Arrow Kaytek has developed an Accounting Payment & Sales Invoicing Integration & Reconciliation Solution using Wavemaker.

This application allows the matching and reconciliation of multiple customer payments against multiple customer sales invoices and debit / credit notes.

It integrates with Kaytek's custom legacy accounting software and is based on open source Oracle mySQL database at the back end.

The solution can be enhanced and extended to integrate any accounting software & customer sales transaction systems.( 4th August 2012)

Gray Arrow Kaytek Director enhances Wavemaker Community Forms & HRApp Tutorials.( 13th January 2012)

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