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Airlines - Integrated Purchase / Inventory System
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For India's Leading Domestic Airline, Kaytek had designed and implemented an Integrated Purchase and Inventory System at Mumbai.

Before using the above system, they had completely manual purchase & inventory operations. Based on our experiences in designing & developing an inventory system for another organization & other airline domain project experiences, we were chosen for this project.

The Purchase Module was implemented at their Head Office and was responsible for handling Item Requirements from Departments and generating Purchase Orders for both capital and operational items.

The Inventory Modules were implemented at 2 different Store Locations in Mumbai.

These Stores handled different types of items.

All Modules were completely integrated across the different locations.

The Corporate Information Module provide integrated information from the Independent Purchase and Inventory Modules.

It was implemented at the Head Office.

Kaytek was also responsible for the following Turnkey One Point Integrated Lont Term IT Services :

Gray Arrow User Training on Systems Operation

Gray Arrow Redesign of Business Documents and Processes

Gray Arrow Complete Master Codification ( One of the most complex exercises) , Masters , Transaction Creation upto Start Date of Implementation.

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Posted on 25th July 2005.

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