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Airlines - Integrated Purchase / Inventory System

Purchase Module - Brief List Of Features

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For India's Leading Domestic Airline, Kaytek had designed & implemented an Integrated Purchase & Inventory System at Mumbai.

The Purchase Module was implemented at their Head Office & was responsible for handling Item Requirements from Departments & generating Purchase Orders for both capital & operational items.

It has the following features :

Gray Arrow 1.1 - Handle Requirement Forms from various Departments & Offices for both Items and Services. Requirements Forms are of Two types - From Stores and Non Stores Locations.

Gray Arrow 1.2 - Receive Quotations, Estimates, Proforma Invoices from suppliers.

Gray Arrow 1.3 - Evaluate Suppliers based on their Quotations,Estimates Received and assign particular items from requirement forms to suppliers for generation purchase orders.

Gray Arrow 1.4 - Generate Purchase Orders covering multiple item wise delivery-date- wise, requisitioning department, office details.

2 Stage Purchase Order Creation - Automatic Generation of a Batch of Unconfirmed Purchase orders and Manual Confirmation of Individual Unconfirmed Purchase Order.

Purchase orders can store extensive information in terms of details (upto 99 descriptive lines of text information can be stored in each Purchase Order).

Purchase Order Amendments are also possible.

Gray Arrow 1.5 - Update the Purchase Orders, Amendments raised by entering the Goods Received Notes from the Inventory Module at both Stores Locations and Non-Stores Locations.

Gray Arrow 1.6 - Extensive reporting & query facilities in terms of purchase order status, item wise, vendor wise rate history, etc.

Gray Arrow 1.7 - Transfer Non commercial Data To and From Stores Module in Stores Locations and transfer Purchase Data to Corporate Module.

Gray Arrow 1.8 - Facility to define Important Master Information such as Units, Vendors, Vendor Groups, Item Groups, Items, Stores Location, Store Location wise Item Groups, Item Breakups, Offices, Department, Flights, Document Charges, Payment Terms, Currency, Employee, Employee Designation, Uniform Category, Employee Entitlements, Work Shifts, Users, User Groups, Passwords, Software Modules etc.

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Updated on 18th May 2009
Posted on 25th July 2005

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