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Software Testing - A Generic Approach

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Testing is a hugely important and critical activity in any software development project.

It is Kaytek's Software Testing philosophy to be able to define generic test cases based on the type of software construction that is being done - whether for Masters, Transactions, Reports and other functionality in the Software modules.

Given a proper understanding of the context and complexity of a software module , it should be possible to define a complete subset of test cases that need to be logically done.

e.g. Consider the Modules of SAP R/3 - An extremely complex piece of ERP Software.

It should be possible to create generic testing patterns for checking out the functionality of any of the above modules based on the business objective & technical requirements.

In many cases, the tester's job would be to ensure that the same is done and the outputs recorded systematically.

A smart software implementer should be able to detect past patterns in a custom development in a new situation and use previous 'templatized' knowledge to minimise incremental software development and software testing efforts.

Generic testing template patterns should be usually available as packaged knowledge deliverables to the software testing team before the start of the project.

This should be an integral part of the software process & will help improve software quality.

Based on the types of modules - Masters, Business Transactions (Documents or Events), Reports, Queries, Utilities, the 'specific' customizations can be abstracted at a generic level so as to quickly apply the lessons of past experience.

All the different types of testing (Validation, Verification, BlackBox, Usability, Volume, etc) gets covered under a properly designed generic approach.

This generic approach is independent of specific technology instances or business domains.

Besides operational knowledge of 3rd party testing tools, the key to successful software testing is strong logical skills and a strong technical foundation in the programming technologies used for the software project.

For example, the Scope of Testing that our organization did for one of our overseas offshore projects was extremely exhaustive.

The internal test cases documentation could probably make a good sized novel in terms of it's size of contents. Here, the testing was done both onshore and offshore.

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