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Down Arrow Human Capital is the most important element of an Organization's Intangible Assets.

People Are The Key Organizational Resource To Help An Organization Save & Make Money in the 3 key business areas of :

Kaytek Raise Revenues Raising Revenues Kaytek Cut CostsCutting Costs Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Stakeholders

Every organization will have an extremely tough job in convincing their employees to continously work on achieving business targets and goals in the above areas.Recessionary times make the challenges even more tougher as the external environment will continously demand ruthless immediate actionable deliverables in all organizational product & service offerings.

Down Arrow Organizational Structure & People Strategy

Down Arrow New ! Questions to ask an ISO certified manufacturing organization that is seeking to prepare KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to link their employees functional performance with incentives. (23rd February 2019 )

Preparing effective KPI's is a serious endeavour that has to be both static the short term (in terms of structure based on current job descriptions & current business processes) as well as dynamic in the long run to take care of both macro economic level and micro unit level changes. The questions below need to be answered for a comprehensive holistic evaluation of the exercise :

Gray Arrow 1.0 - Whether the ISO compliance has been done in the true spirit of long term process compliance or just as a short term tactic to get the certification for business advantage ? Are the processes actually being followed ?

Gray Arrow 2.0 - Willingness of the organization to change the processes to withstand external changes happening in the marketplace ?

Gray Arrow3.0 - Willingness of the management to demonstrate transparency in sharing of the financial performance of the business with employees.

Gray Arrow 4.0 - What level of automation is in place in terms of existing systems ?

Gray Arrow 5.0 - Have all the existing business processes / activities been adequately documented ?

Down Arrow 6.0 - HR (Human resources) / People related questions :

Gray Arrow 6.1 - Employee profiles (age / experience / educational levels).

Gray Arrow 6.2 - Whether the employees have formal / written job descriptions ?

Gray Arrow 6.3 - Is there any informal / formal incentives for employees to learn ? Both on the job and off the job ?

Gray Arrow 6.4 - Some idea of the current compensation structure of the employees - whether only fixed or fixed plus variable. If variable, then basis for the same.

Gray Arrow Conclusion : The approach should be a holistic 360 Degrees approach for ensuring that there is maximum alignment between the organization's stakeholders - management, customers, employees and others.

Down Arrow Topsy-Turvy World Of Business - What shape has your organization taken in the new economy ?

Employees & customers exchanging their roles ? Internet facilitated technology usage has fundamentally changed the nature of work and organizations, overturning past held assumptions and mental models. Can anyone explain as to what is happening in today's Topsy-Turvy World of Business ? Employees becoming customers, customers becoming employees !!

How ?? Today, an organization pays employees to give them the 3 E's - Experience, Expertise and Earnings. In the future, will employees have to pay organisations to get the experience & expertise ? Today, customers Pay an Organisation for it's products and services. In the future, will organisations have to pay customers to get their attention to try out their products and services ? This is because competition is exploding at a furious pace & customer attention deficit is increasing rapidly.

Activities being done internally by employees within organizations today will get increasingly web enabled to be done externally by customers in the self service mode. What indeed is happening ?

Can anyone explain This Topsy-Turvy World Of Internet Affected Business ? It is a paradigm shift.

Down Arrow For The HR Strategists

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