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New ! Gray Arrow Contract Soap Manufacturer - Brief Study of Custom built Inventory Accounting System. (28th March 2006)

Down Arrow Offshoring

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Globalization does hurt !!! (9th March 2006)

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Gray Arrow SAP - Accounting Careers Page Updated. (23rd March 2006).

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Can your ERP Career be made Shock-Proof ? (8th March 2006).

Down Arrow EAI - Enterprise Application Integration

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Beyond ERP - The EAI Market. (12th March 2006).

New ! Down Arrow Focus on China

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - 2 questions to ask for a China Strategy. (17th March 2006)

New ! Gray Arrow Experiences of an Indian manufacturing executive's first visit to China. (1st March 2006)

Down Arrow Business - Management

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Indian Roadside Role Models. (24th March 2006).

New ! Gray Arrow Weblog - Beginning of the end of Google ? (12th March 2006).

Down Arrow Business - India Tax

New ! Gray Arrow Fringe Benefit Tax - FBT Applicability Scope updated. (22nd March 2006).

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Gray Arrow Organizational Section Updated.

New ! Gray Arrow Where is your Organization in The Net Enabled IT Ocean ?

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