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Tip ! One of the keys to success in a software career ( to prevent one's job from being offshored or outsourced irrespective of whichever part of the world where is one is located) is the ability to work with multiple software technologies and yet be able to derive generic learnings from the same for applying to newer technologies in the future.

One suggestion would be to understand, derive and document the similarities (and differences) if any between the different software technologies learnt - e.g. ORACLE, VB 6.0, VB.NET, ASP.NET (using C#).

Once you done the same successfully, you would have improved your confidence levels in being able to work with multiple technologies comfortably.

Think ! Even though Thomas Friedman's term 'Flat World' is popular, in reality it is not flat. It is a world of High Quality Mountains and Peaks and Low Quality Valleys and Pits.

Wherever one is located globally, whether Boston, Bangalore, Boswana or Beijing, one has to be focussed on qualitative work, or else risk getting banished into obvilion.

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